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Apr 21, 2021

This time, Tor, Chet, and Romain talked with Rohit Sathyanarayana and Florina Muntenescu about the DataStore library. DataStore is the replacement for SharedPreferences, being better for many reasons (it's asynchronous and avoids blocking the UI thread, it is type-safe). It not only has a similar/simple key-value pair API like SharedPreferences, but also has more powerful API as well. It's currently in alpha, but look for it to be the recommended approach soon as it approaches stable.

Florina, Romain, Chet, Daniel (ADB
audio producer, in person!), Tor, and Rohi

Article: Using DataStore in Kotlin Serialization
Docs: Docs
Codelab: Preferences Datastore codelab
Codelab: Proto Datastore codelab

Florina: @FMuntenescu
Rohit: @rohitsat123
Chet: @chethaase
Romain: @romainguy
Tor: @tornorbye