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Welcome to Android Developers Backstage, a podcast by and for Android developers. Hosted by developers from the Android platform team, this show covers topics of interest to Android programmers, with in-depth discussions and interviews with engineers on the Android team at Google.

Apr 28, 2021

Cowardly abandoned by Chet and Romain, Tor faces three guests alone. Jeffrey van Gogh, Ting-Yuan Huang, and Yigit Boyar join Tor to talk about Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP), a new, faster, and better tool to replace annotation processors. You will learn how KSP works, what it can do, why it was created, and how it is used in the Room Jetpack library.

Tor, Ting-Yuan, Jeffrey, and Yigit, all looking amazingly happy to discuss annotation and symbol processing


KSP announcement

KSP GitHub project

How to get started with KSP

Libraries with KSP support

Jetpack Room


Jeffrey: @jvgogh

Yigit: @yigitboyar

Tor: @tornorbye