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Welcome to Android Developers Backstage, a podcast by and for Android developers. Hosted by developers from the Android platform team, this show covers topics of interest to Android programmers, with in-depth discussions and interviews with engineers on the Android team at Google.

Jul 5, 2021

In this episode, Romain and Tor are joined by Adarsh Fernando, Arif Sukoco and Yahan Zhou from the Android Studio team, covering the recent improvements to support for testing. This includes automated test snapshots, where the emulator captures a snapshot for a failing test you can then load and analyze later, it includes the Test Matrix tool where the IDE shows a matrix of tests and the devices they're running on, as well as a unified Gradle test runner, and Gradle managed virtual devices, and more.


Android Studio Bumblebee: Android Testing


Adarsh Fernando

Arif Sukoco

Yahan Zhou

Romain: @romainguy

Tor: @tornorbye