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Welcome to Android Developers Backstage, a podcast by and for Android developers. Hosted by developers from the Android platform team, this show covers topics of interest to Android programmers, with in-depth discussions and interviews with engineers on the Android team at Google.

Jun 20, 2024

In this episode we talk with Kathy Korevec from the AIDA team at Google about AI assisted developer tools, such as Android Studio -- which is using Gemini AI models provided by AIDA.

Romain, Kathy, and Tor




May 22, 2024

In this episode we cover ADB -- not "Android Developers Backstage", but "Android Debug Bridge", the technology powering device connections. Romain and Tor talk with Fabien Sanglard from the Android Studio team on his work to improve the debug stack -- including the new USB speed detection feature recently unveiled...

Mar 26, 2024

In this episode, Tor, Romain, and Chet talk with Aurash Mahbod from the Play Games team at Google -- covering trends in mobile games, challenges for Android games developers, console games, and more!



Intro (00:00)

What’s Aurash working on currently? (02:40)

How much is Play store providing users with...

Feb 21, 2024

In this episode, Tor, Romain, and Chet talk about one of Tor’s favorite topics: Lint! Specifically, we talk about Lint checks and the annotations that use them to enable better, more robust, and more self-documenting APIs.
Lint: It’s not just for pockets anymore.


Intro (00:00)

Lint checks for annotations...

Dec 21, 2023

In this episode, Tor, Romain, and Chet talk about some of the many things that happened this year in the world of Android development, including new devices and form factors, tool improvements, AndroidX features and libraries, and Jetpack Compose releases. And any tech podcast would be remiss without mentioning AI/ML,...