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Welcome to Android Developers Backstage, a podcast by and for Android developers. Hosted by developers from the Android platform team, this show covers topics of interest to Android programmers, with in-depth discussions and interviews with engineers on the Android team at Google.

Jun 10, 2015

This time, Tor and Chet are joined by Chet and Tor when they are once again unexpectedly blown off by a special guest. Fortunately, there was plenty to talk about, including Google I/O, Android Studio 1.3, M Developer Preview, and the new Developing for Android series of articles.

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Jun 6, 2015

This time, Tor and Chet are joined by Chiu-Ki Chan, an external developer and frequent presenter about Android developer. Hear us talk about custom views, watch faces, TextView, learning Chinese, libraries, and other random stuff.

Favorite quotes:
"To get room temperature water, mix cold water and hot water."
"Bust out...